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At SISG, we’re committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff, clients and the communities they work in.

Our commitment to health and safety

At SISG, we’re committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff, clients and the communities they work in.

Our staff members are trained to use risk minimisation and risk avoidance strategies to make safety a priority as they carry out their duties. We strive to build teams with the ability to show initiative and take responsibility in difficult situations.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy is consistent with the role and duties of a Security Officer.
We have embraced ISO standards since 2003 and are progressing towards achieving formal ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Environment, Sustainability and Compliance

Security International Services Group is proactive in reducing the organisation’s Carbon Footprint and meets expectations and adheres to all Government and Industry standards relating to Environmental legislation and policies.

Environmental Management Manual

SISG vehicles are maintained at the highest level to lower emissions and in line with Green Fleet we are investigating the possibilities of using hybrid vehicles thus impacting the environment even less.
All paperwork is recycled; recycling includes re-use of non confidential or sensitive information and ensures that the shredded sensitive documentation is sent to appropriate locations or industries. Another example of environmental friendly product is to purchase log books, administration paper made from recycled products.

Where possible energy is conserved by ensuring that lighting is used on needs to basis and all lighting meets with low energy consumption guidelines. All printer cartridges are recycled and disposed of with environmental concerns in mind. Our work systems – including health and safety, environmental, auditing, service delivery and customer support – are documented and routinely reviewed to ensure they remain at the highest standard.


We have embedded Risk Management Planning in our training and all our operational staff have RMP competencies.

We conduct detailed site inspections and equipment appraisals, operational and continuity checks, radio checks and many others that are designed to identify and minimise risks.
We prescribe a formal risk management planning process and engage with all of our clients to ensure we cover off all considerations.

Critical Area Management

In critical areas i.e. where there is a likelihood of significant safety, operational financial or environmental compromise, we will develop a formal Safe Working Procedure. This procedure will prescribe mandatory actions that the Operator must perform.

In less critical areas, we ensure that our Officers are equipped with Work Manuals that summarise operational tasks and address known risks.