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SISGOne Steel Case Study



There is increasing demand, especially at industrial sites, for the integration of non-core functions due to the rationalisation of services. Security personnel with additional skills are in high demand, to cover a variety of services within a single service unit, and this is increasingly outsourced to a specialist security provider.

The highly skilled security teams at OneSteel provide more than just “traditional” Security Officersing services; their duties include first aid, drug testing, access control, first-response fire fighting, vehicle and load restraint checks.

Covers 150 hectares, the OneSteel site employs more than 1500 staff, and is supported by 12 SISG Security officers around the clock. They are certified to perform security duties as well as, hold OH&S certificates, passed the SISG Security Security Officers training and hold 1A security certification.

At OneSteel the officers check 130 semi-trailers per day ranging from 42 to 68 tonnes, ensuring that the vehicles are secure to travel with their loads. Officers also conduct drug tests on employees as required, and are empowered to challenge any employee to provide a sample for drug testing if they believe it to be necessary.