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SISG’s State of the art systems always meet your security needs.

We use the Smart Track and Go-Safe Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management systems, which are sophisticated automatic vehicle locator software.

The Smart Track and Go-Safe systems allows our trained operations staff to access our fleet activity data online at any time. This means that we can track, message and navigate our fleet from almost any computer in any location around the world.

SISG understands the provision of quality resources for all its officers to enable superior service delivery is crucial, so SISG Management invests generously in continuous research and deployment of service enhancing technologies.

Our commitment to health and safety

Managing and supporting all SISG technical and manpower based Communication and Control Systems, is a well-defined SISG senior Management tier, supported by dedicated SISG Supervisors, Project Managers and Senior Security Officers.
SISG Information Technology is contracted to Connected Intelligence, utilising their innovative online ticketing system to ensure our servers and desktops are always operational.

SISG uses Smart software to effectively Manage all Mobile Patrols and Alarm responses with Smart Link direct interface technology to Class A1 Control Rooms. SMART intelligent software enables Control Room Security Officers to identify, confirm, prioritise and respond to Alarms and general patrol requirements accurately, within time requirements and within agreed Client and SISG KPI’s and Operational requirements.


SISG Deploys Smart Track GPS tracking on all vehicles enabling dedicated tracking, alarm responses and patrol supervision to ensure that the highest level of security and peace of mind is maintained for the Client.


SISG utilises Secure-E-Track Technology to allow all SISG control rooms to monitor and direct the activity of the Static or Mobile Officer on duty at every client site; and to ensure his/her safety.

SISG utilises modern and efficient two-way secure communication between our control room and all Patrol or Security Officers Officers.

All SISG Communication Systems use accurate Timekeeping software and hardware solutions to ensure that Security Officers report for shifts on time; are active as required by the KPI’s for the specific position and are present whilst providing the highest level of security required by the Client.

Harnessing the latest technology

We work with our national security partners to provide the latest technology available in the industry. We use the most advanced electronic monitoring systems to meet your security needs – whether you’re a retail, industrial, commercial, construction, defence, health or government client.

Superior back up for our monitored clients

With our SG2 monitoring centre we can gain access to the 24/7 manned Grade A1 Suretek Data Centre. Suretek’s systems continually monitor the status of our Monitoring Centre. If the system determines that we are ‘off-line’, it will automatically try multiple alternative data routing paths to re-establish the connection. If those avenues fail, the Suretek data Centre can take over the alarm monitoring processes and notify the appropriate contacts.


CAMS is a GUI based alarm monitoring software package for the 32-Bit Windows environment, compatible with all Microsoft Windows® Platforms. CAMS monitoring software is used in more than half the monitoring centres in Australia.