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Comprehensive reporting to keep you up-to-date.

As part of our suite of security services, we provide all of our patrol service clients with a monthly report. These in-depth reports cover all the services with statistical and graphical data downloaded from our Smart Track and Go-Safe system. This allows us to work with you to identify and fix any problems, and evaluate the strengths in the areas of service.

KPI measuring

Our experience is that benchmarks are best measured by the use of KPI’s.
KPI’s developed around achieving ‘Win-Win’ outcomes work best for the longer-term effectiveness of the relationship and service outcomes.

We believe that there should not be any KPI that are ‘Reported Not Measured.’ We believe ‘un-measured KPI’s compromise the performance framework.

We believe that the way ahead is as follows:

During Transition, we will meet with the Client to ensure that all parties understand the outcomes that requires measurement.

The outcome of these meetings should be a clear and unambiguous performance framework supported by KPI’s that contribute to business and operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Collaboratively, we will develop the KPI’s so they support each other and contain meaningful and measurable elements

We will benchmark the KPI in the Specification with ‘Best Practice’ in the Security and Customer Service Industries.

If necessary, we will benchmark against the Relevant Industry for Concierge or other Specialised Services


Our ‘Smart’ data solution


Our trained operators use the Smart system despatch and storage (SQL Database) software. This allows us to store and retrieve data quickly and safely.
We can use Smart to add new details or access details from our accounting, monitoring, or other systems. The system can even exchange selected information with our clients and service providers, by using mobile data services or a secure internet connection.
The system allows us to run our business efficiently, so we can focus on delivering excellent service.